Seminar Scripting at IAAC Barcelona

On the past Saturday the 3rd, was the final work presentation of the seminar scripting at IAAC Barcelona. I participate as instructor with Luis Fraguada for both seminars: Scripting I and II. During the first seminar the students were introduced to the use of programming as a design strategy. We explained the essential concepts of data type, conditional statements, loops and methods through Rhinoscript and Rhinoceros. Once the basic concepts were established, the students were challenged to a generative design project, under the title: Generative domestics.

The students self-organized in different groups to explore furniture design through programming at their own peace. As instructors we established the minimum requirement for presentation and programming complexity, although all projects exceed our expectations. During the second seminar (Scripting II) we repeat the a similar strategy explaining more complex concepts like nested loops and dynamic arrays.

This was probably, the first seminar in programming oriented to design in Spain.


With no particular order, Some students work:

Students: Verena Vogler + Eduardo Mayoral

Students: Ismini Koronidi + Georgios Macharia

Student: Juergen Weiss

Students: Monika Szawiola + Krystian Kwiecinski + Michal Piasecki

Students: Andrea Katsavra + Pete Booth


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